Todd Seabold (left) and Chris Miller (right)

In 2005, Chris met Greg Harrington, MS, his winemaking mentor-to-be at a sommelier tasting group session. Greg had just moved to Washington to start Gramercy Cellars, and invited Chris to work harvest in Walla Walla. One trip was all he needed, immediately falling in love with the wines and winemaking community. By 2007, he was encouraged to make a few barrels of Syrah and tuck them away in a corner of the cellar, in exchange for his prolific forklift skills and willingness to scrub fermentation tanks. Chris had also started working in other wineries' cellars, advising on barrel selections and wine blending, all while learning about vineyards and fermentation science.

The opportunity to run the wine program at Wolfgang Puck's flagship Spago in Beverly Hills prompted a move to Los Angeles, and winemaking in Santa Barbara. Working under local legends Greg Brewer and Steve Clifton at Brewer-Clifton in Sta. Rita Hills, the obsession with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir took hold. As the buyer for one of the country's most prominent wine programs, Chris had the remarkable opportunity to taste through the great wines of the world, particularly Burgundy and California.

Todd's wine journey had just started around this time, and a fast friendship formed. As his education started to catch up to his palate, some late night drinking sessions led to the inevitable "if you could make wine anywhere" discussions. Chris's answer - Monterey - was a surprise. Todd was skeptical but trusting, and any doubts were put to rest after a trip to a small winery in Marina, California.

Peter was fortunate to grow up in a wine-loving family and he had a clear focus from a young age. After college a few internships preceded his UC Davis master's degree, leading to vineyard development stints in Napa and then Monterey. Leaving the corporate life behind, Peter started his own consultancy, developing premium vineyard sites for clients, and then his own wine label and custom crush facility in Marina.

Peter and Chris became friends while working various wine events together over the years. With Peter's guidance, Todd and Chris took the opportunity to taste through the best vineyards in Monterey, and all three realized how much potential had yet to be realized in this perfect winemaking landscape.

Seabold Cellars was born.