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Great wines have distinct personalities, appealing to both the senses and intellect alike. Our winemaking philosophy emphasizes transparency and cohesiveness, with as little human interference as possible. No nutrient, enzyme, or acid additions are practiced; no grape must "corrections" are allowed. Sulfur usage is responsibly minimal. All lots are fermented in small batches and individually assessed. There is no pre-determined formula.

2015 Monterey County Chardonnay

The 2015 Monterey County Chardonnay is a composite of three complementary vineyards in Monterey County.

The "structure" originates from a windswept outpost in Carmel Valley, 6 miles from the ocean and 1000 feet in elevation. The vines here are rooted in loamy topsoils, spread thin over an ancient uplifted seabed and belted by cold air rolling in from Monterey Bay.

The "fruit" was born further inland, in the foothills of the northern Santa Lucia Highlands. An extremely rare old-vine planting here yields intense grapes with riper fruit profiles and decidedly plush textures.

The "mid-palate bridge" is courtesy of a more northerly, coastal vineyard where achieving ripeness is a yearly concern. The struggle is worth it, as the resultant wines always impress with their fruit quality and structure.

2014 Monterey County Pinot Noir

Our 2014 Monterey County Pinot Noir is a composite of two complementary vineyards in Monterey County.

The "structure" shares the same Carmel Valley origin as the Chardonnay. Grapes here have borderline underripe fruit profiles, but the acid-tannin structure on the Pinot Noir is just pure perfection.

The "fruit" was born further inland, in the foothills of the central Santa Lucia Highlands. Some of the oldest vines in Monterey produce minuscule amounts of incredibly distinctive, concentrated grapes.